4 Ways to Make Iced Coffee

Posted by Dinh Nghia Tran on
4 Ways to Make Iced Coffee

When the days warm up, it can only mean one thing: iced coffee season.

But what iced coffee method should you be using? There's always the Pop Some Leftover Brewed Coffee in the Refrigerator method, but maybe this is the summer for stepping up your iced coffee game.

The Cold Brew Method

Cold brew is a coffee brewed with cold water. Because you are brewing with cold water, you need a much longer time for the extraction, which is why making a cold brew takes some planning ahead. Brewing in this way is also great for brewing big batches at once. This is helpful if you always want to have a little cold brew on hand, or if you have friends you want to share with. Making a cold brew concentrate is your best bet if you are planning on keeping it in the fridge for a bit, then you can dilute it with a little water when it comes time to serve.

There are a variety of devices out there to help you perfect the cold brew method, but it can also be done with not much more than a large pitcher or mason jar. Combine cold water and grounds and let sit for about 12 hours, then when you're ready, pour the steeped coffee through a filter, or a strainer lined with cheesecloth, and into another container to get all the grounds out. If you have a nut milk bag on hand, that works wonders as well, and you don't need to filter out the grounds when you are finished brewing.

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