9 Blogs for Coffee Lovers

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9 Blogs for Coffee Lovers

Is your daily dose of coffee just not enough for you? Are you looking for something a little extra? Perhaps some coffee education? Or the latest gossip in the coffee industry? Then a coffee blog just might be for you.

If you're a coffee lover, coffee geek, coffee nerd, or just someone looking for more information about coffee, here are my favorite online coffee resources. Brew a fresh batch and start reading.

1. Sprudge

Sprudge is a site devoted to coffee news and culture, and you'll get everything from updates on new coffee shop openings to coverage of coffee culture in far-off places, like Iran. They also run a site called Sprudge Wire, where they round up coffee news from around the web all in one place — a great resource if you want to know what's happening in the world of coffee, and who is writing about it. (In full disclosure, I am a Sprudge contributor, so I am of course 100 percent biased in making this a daily morning visit to read what's new.)

2. Daily Coffee News

Daily Coffee News is a website run by Roast Magazine. It's more geared toward coffee professionals than the average coffee drinker, but it's full of news related to the coffee world — with a big focus on sustainability.

3. Jimseven

Jimseven is the blog of James Hoffman, a well-respected figure in the specialty coffee industry. He's not only a former barista champion, but also the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London, as well as the author of The World Atlas of Coffee. Hoffman has been penning the blog for over 10 years; it's a much-visited resource within the coffee community.

4. Barista Hustle

Are you a barista? Thinking about becoming one? Just want to get inside the head of the barista who is serving your coffee? Then Barista Hustle is for you. It's actually a weekly email, but you can also access some of the articles on the website as well.

5. The Coffeetographer

A glorious visual exploration of coffee culture, The Coffeetographer is set up more like a magazine, with a variety of features all about the world of independent coffee. You should also consider following The Coffeetographer on Instagram.

6. Dear Coffee I Love You

The name kind of says it all for this design-focused coffee site that publishes articles, guides, and reviews to all kinds of things in the coffee world.

7. Tess Presso

Tess Presso isn't actually a blog; it's the account of a badass Instagram user who uses the platform as an amazing form of microblogging. Her photos are beautiful and she has deep and meaningful musings on what's in her cup.

8. Coffee Geek

As you may have guessed, this site is all about informing people about coffee. Maintained since 1997, there is a wealth of information here, from consumer reviews to guides to forums. If you ever have a question about coffee, this is the place to ask it.

9. The Coffee Compass

The goal of The Coffee Compass is to help readers navigate the world of craft coffee. It covers coffee producers, roasters, baristas, and new cafes and coffee products.

What coffee blogs do you read and love? Tell us in the comments below!

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